• Navy Everything

    I've never been a huge fan of fur, but when I came across this faux fur coat in a gorgeous navy color, I nearly died and immediately put it in my cart. The insanely soft texture was what initially drew me to it as I brushed past it in the store. Looking closer at it, I noticed the beautiful rich navy color and a subtle leopard pattern that covered the entire coat.

    Coats are always a tricky piece for me because I could never find one thats flattering on my petite shape, but this one seemed to check all the boxes for me including having the perfect arm length! What I love the most about this jacket is how you can dress it up or down. It's perfect to go over fancy dresses for party events (and will actually keep you warm) and it's a perfect statement piece to throw over some jeans and a t-shirt! Also, I feel like I'm wrapped up in a warm blanket whenever I wear this so I will probably be living in this coat all winter long!

    Blue Iris Leopard Faux Fur Jacket by Sam Edelman (available online!)

    **Photographs taken by my wonderful little siblings (James and Sarah) and post edited by me!

  • Fall Baking

    It's been awhile since I've baked anything, but this past weekend I had the sudden urge to bring out the oven mitts and bake some fall inspired treats (pumpkin muffins, and dark chocolate chip cookies with a sprinkle of sea salt). Here's a photo journal of my process!

  • Oregon Coast

    Spent a couple weekends ago out in Lincoln City with the whole fam and had the most relaxing time hanging out on the beach and roasting marshmellows by the fire. Here are some photos from the trip!

  • All About Skincare

    My beautiful model friend, Monica Watson, just recently started up a skincare line called Berlin Skin, that I absolutely adore. Being a skincare fanatic, I'm always on the hunt for products that use top notch, natural ingredients that won't break the bank- this brand does just that. 

    I have sensitive, oily/combination skin so I'm very conscious of what I put on my face, especially when it comes to introducing new skincare products. Most of the time if the product is too fragranced or too harsh, it breaks me out right away (luckily I have discovered Origin's Out of Trouble Mask, and Dermalogica's Clear Start Overnight Treatment to help calm down any breakouts I have).

    I was a little worried trying out her three part skincare system because of my experiences with new skincare products in the past, but all the products felt so lovely on my skin and didn't break me out one bit! Her Coconut and Aloe Cleanser is a super gentle, lotion-like cleanser that reminds me a lot of Origin's Mega Mushroom Cleanser that is perfect for a morning cleanse-I typically like something more mild and less stripping for my face in the mornings. This cleanser does a beautiful job refreshing the skin and getting it started for the day. Next comes her Geranium and Rose Toner which is perfect for prepping your skin for any moisturizers and serums. I spritz this all over my face right after I cleanse and I also use it after applying all my makeup as a setting spray. It gives the perfect glow to the skin and helps calm down any redness and/or dry patches. Lastly, there is the Sandalwood Cream, my favorite out of the three. First off, it has a beautiful subtle scent, and it feels so good on the skin. It hydrates without feeling heavy, which is so important for us oily skin girls. It also makes my skin feel baby soft after I use it, I think it actually makes the perfect primer for creating that smooth canvas before putting on your base makeup. 

    Alongside all the wonderful things this line does for your skin, Monica's heart behind the brand really is inspiring. If you want to check out her line and learn more about the story behind Berlin Skin, please visit her website here